We have three locations serving Portland:

Los Gorditos (food truck)
NW corner of 50th & SE Division
(503) 875-2615
Open Monday-Saturday 11 am to 9pm


Taqueria Los Gorditos
1212 SE Division
(503) 445-6289
Open Monday-Saturday 8am to 9pm, Sunday 9am to 6pm


Los Gorditos Restaurant
922 NW Davis
(503) 805-5323
Open Monday-Friday 10am to 9pm, Saturday 9am to 9pm, Sunday 9am to 6pm


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  1. Trent
    Trent at ·

    I thought I would let you know that cooks at the restaurant are putting tortillas on the meat grill for vegan orders.. It is nice that the tofu is cooked on the vegan grill, but that all is canceled out when the tortillas are thrown on the meat grill! I do not have a problem with it, but I was observing for a vegan friend and had to tell him and he was completely turned off by that. Will this be addressed so we can both come back? Love your food!

  2. Chris Shaffer
    Chris Shaffer at ·

    It might help if you put your hours on the home page or the about us page.

  3. JD
    JD at ·

    Wanted to fill you in:
    We cater lunch for our employees every week and we wanted to order from you guys, but couldn’t find your website. So we called the restaurant at 1212 division to see if there was a menu available online and the person who answered the phone told us there was no website or online menu. This site was finally unearthed by a committed fan of your food, thank goodness. But you should probably let your employees know that this website exists.

  4. elli
    elli at ·

    Hi. I really hope you address the meat grill/vegan grill thing. I’m vegetarian right now and thinking of going vegan. After you don’t eat meat for years you start to think of it as disgusting and off-puting. I hope you address the grill problem to make sure that nothing in the vegan food is cooked on the meat grill. I won’t be able to reccomend your awesome food to my vegan friends unless it’s TOTALLY vegan. Thanks;)

  5. admin
    admin at ·

    My name is Alicia. Los Gorditos is my family’s restaurant. I’m sorry for not replying to your post earlier but somebody else was in charge of this site for a while. I’m vegan and I understand how important it is to get animal free food. We struggled with a couple of the cooks we hired. We explained to them what vegetarian and vegan meant but they didn’t really try to understand. We ended up having to fire both guys. We’ve totally taken care of the meat and vegan problem with the grills.
    It’s hard to find the right persons to work the vegan grill but we’ve done it.
    Thanks for the comment

  6. admin
    admin at ·

    Thanks for the feedback,
    We’ve taken care of the problem.

  7. neighbor
    neighbor at ·

    a bunch of whiney little babies.

    your food is amazing. i’m glad to have you so close to my office.

  8. Greg
    Greg at ·

    Your sauces and soycurl burritos are great. I would love to see you add whole beans to the menu–black, pinto, whatever, just not refried. I think whole beans make for a better and healthier burrito. Thanks!

  9. Noelle
    Noelle at ·

    I was just in your restaurant and I got home with an order to go. As I got about 1/4 way into my carnitas burrito, I took a big bite out of a leaf. A tree leaf. From outside. Thanks.

  10. Mari Paulus
    Mari Paulus at ·


    I could literally live on your tofu tacos but understand that soy and corn are on the top 10 list of GMO foods. Please tell me that you don’t use GMO corn tortillas or tofu!

    Thank you!

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